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From the day a baby girl is born, the slow and steady match to Old Age And/Or Menopause begins, consciously and unconsciously. Premature Ageing is what No woman loves. Good News is, You can Beat Premature Ageing And Live Young Till 90! I have beaten mine clean! I am 55, I look 35, but feel 25! I have No pains anywhere! No Wrinkles!

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Menopause is a sign of ageing for women. Old Age and Menopause begin at different ages for different women. Over 80% of women go through menopause and its sad effects. For some women, menopause starts at 35years. For some other women, it starts much later.

Reasons for this difference is not clearly known, though Nutrition, Genetics and Lifestyle all play great roles. You could actually Delay and indeed Prevent the discomforts with excellent Nutritional Combinations and Remain Chic even at 70, 80, 90 and beyond...


Symptoms Of Menopause

Most women will experience some symptoms around the menopause. The duration and severity of these symptoms vary from woman to woman.

Presence of Free Radicals in women hasten these premature ageing symptoms.

  Your Menstrual period starts winding up to stop: from heavy flow to light flow, or even from light flow to very heavy flow. It starts coming every other month instead of monthly, till it really stops.

  Hot Flashes-These are short, sudden feelings of heat, usually in the face, neck and chest. You really get sweaty in these areas.

  Night Sweats-Hot flashes that occur at night causing discomforts.

  Difficulty Sleeping at nights- This likely makes you feel tired and irritable during the day.

  Highly reduced sex drive or sex desire (poor libido)

  Vaginal dryness, itching, pain and discomfort during sex

  Problems with Memory and Concentration


  Mood Swings, such as Low Mood or Anxiety

  Palpitations-Heartbeats that suddenly become more noticeable and uncomfortable, almost frightening

  Joint stiffness, aches and pains, arthritis

  Urinary Issues like Urinary Incontinence

  Weakening of bones/osteoporosis

  Hip Problems

  Hormonal imbalance

  Sudden, almost out-of-hand Weight Gain

  Paleness and frail looks

  Weakness, tired too soon


 Wrinkles appearing on face, neck and spreading...


This Brief Video Shows Premature Ageing In Women As Caused By Free Radicals


Good News!


Each and every symptom above could be Prevented if you haven't yet started experiencing them or Stopped or Reversed, if you already have them, Naturally. You could start looking and feeling Chic again without all these symptoms.

Yes, even your monthly period could keep flowing on and on...Like mine, even at 55years now...

You could pass through the Age of Menopause Without Experiencing these irritating, limiting and uncomfortable symptoms.


You need not be told anymore that you could outrightly improve and greatly alter your health and life through Nutrition.

Most diseases and health issues have been silenced via proper and adequate nutrition, meaning that the diseases are mainly Nutritional-Gap-Induced.

It's obvious to all that both chemicals on our foods from the farm to the table, and our fast-paced lifestyle cannot allow intake of adequate nutrition into our body systems.

That's why YOU NEED FOOD SUPPLEMENTS To Remain Chic or you will Age too soon...

There are food supplements by different companies. I have tried quite some. But here, to you, I present what has worked for me and worked for many women across the globe.

You Can Reset Your Biological Clock And Grow Younger As You Age!

The Supplements That Keep You Chic!

These are Forever Living Products and they are 100% Natural that's why they have Israeli Product Certification. Israel issues her stamp of approval only for  products that are 100% Natural. It's called KOSHER SEAL.

The supplements also have HALAL seal of approval making them acceptable to moslems.

Our Nafdac Stamp is on the products to certify their great quality for Nigerians.

They have many other International Seals of Approval.

The products are accepted and used in over 160 Nations and HAVE NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Let's Go!


NMN consists of high NMN to boost your body NAD+ level and maintain a healthy mitochondrial function. Replenishing NAD+ helps you in healthy aging.


    Enable Your Future:

    1. Anti-aging, improve sleep, memory, anti-aging – delays aging
    2. DNA repair, supplementing NMN can repair the DNA of cells damaged by radiation.
    3, Diabetes: Effective intervention for type 2 diabetes caused by diet and youth
    4. Enhance endurance: NMN promotes fat breakdown and increases exercise endurance NAD+ supplementation increases skeletal muscle formation and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism
    5. Can protect the nerves, prepay Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, atrophic lateral sclerosis
    6. Increase Brain and Heart NAD+ levels to protect the heart from damage, preventing dementia; Activate blood vessels and muscles.
    7. Protects eyesight
    8. Protects hearing

    9. Boosts Energy Metabolism – NMN helps to breakdown food like sugars into energy – prevent and treat  diabetes


  • 4500mg high content: 30 capsules/bottle, each capsule containing 150mg NMN
  • Super safe: The only NMN product now has passed the GRAS safety certification of FDA
  • Purely green: Prepared with enzymatic technology, contamination free
  • High cost performance: Ten times below the market price
  • Passed clinical trials: NMN has currently passed positive clinical trials.
  • Passed Severe Environment Test: Product purity remains purely white with purity as high as 99.5% in 4 month’s test at 40 centigrade, and
  • Highly pure raw materials: NMN raw materials are of extremely high costs, plus the production process is complicated and of low production capacity.

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They introduce you less and less when you begin to look like an old M-a-m-a.
We age faster than them because of all the iron, calcium and other minerals we lose monthly to Menstrual period from early teen years.

Check your family friends.
The women start complaining of joint pains earlier than their husbands.
And of course, they start looking older and duller than their hubbies... 
And the men are older, most of the time.


Your buying your own ChicNow & Even@70 Kit ensures your body bounces back to youth Within 30 Days!
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At the end, Life gives you Choices! The earlier you got started on your own ChicNow & Even@70 Kit the best for you. You are as old as your cells.
Let our Kit Renew and Reprogram your cells to keep winding your biological clocks backwards!
Yes, you will keep looking as if Time Was Running Backwards!


But you could say, "No" and be left out of this Sweet Transformation...
And keep Getting Older, experiencing all the discomforts of Menopause, sleeplessness, bloated tummy, uncontrollable weight gain, BP issues, the joint pains, the waist pains, the neck pains, the hip replacements, the knee cap replacements, the headaches, the discomfort of using walking stick early due to early arthritis, horrible mood swings, step by step memory loss, displeasure at sex because it is painful or hardly satisfying your hubby because of vaginal dryness or lots more...

Take Cue From Tina Above!!! And Give Yourself, Your Body, a Treat That Is Worth It! Renew From Inside Out! No Powder nor Anti-ageing Cream would give you this Natural Renewal From Within, none would give you this Beauty From Within!

We age from inside out. You are as old as your cells.
ChicNow & Even@70 Kit  works on your cells to renew and keep them Top-Shape Healthy!
The Result is the Youth, Beauty, and Chic Freshness you Feel From Within and See outside!



Results vary from person to person depending on many factors we do not have control over.
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